At 21 years of age Art Guveau started touring and recording as a young ambitious drummer.


In 2003 he moved to London and started out as a busker in the London Underground.

As a Record Producer Guveau produced and mixed Stevie Ann, one of his protege's back in Holland. The album "Away from Here" won the Dutch Mercury Award called the Silver Harp, which sold over 66.000 copies in the Netherlands.


Art's American influenced Country/Folk/Rock style acclaimed success, which resulted in producing artists like Manfred Mann, Bob Weston (ex Fleetwood Mac).


Since the summer of 2012 he makes "Art Guveau", a quirky expression in photography that immediately has its very own signature. Through using various special applications, he created a very unique style with a strong result, mostly by using his iphone.

Art likes photographing locations that have special meaning for him.




All work is made in The Netherlands by ©️ Art Guveau

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