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Ones the mind is set to art, then creativity wont limit itselve,

Art Guveau (born Arno Guveau, 1966) enjoyed years of appreciation as a musician and record producer. Since the summer of 2012 he makes  a quirky expression in photography that immediately has its very own signature. Through mostly using his iphone and various special mixed media applications, he created a very unique style and made a strong result.

Art started drumming when he was seven years old, joining a marching band in a small village near Roermond,
Holland. He got his first drum set at 9 and it didn’t take long before a teen band heard about Art’s rhythmic passions and raw talent and
asked him to join the band. At age 21 Art Guveau came of age and was drumming professionally: touring with blues legends Little Tony and Greyhound Levi and bands like Colorful People, Cill Out and Into Seven.

In 2003 London called and Arno explored the London Underground busking scene. This is where he evolved his own playing style as a solo musician and put on a Brazilian Percussion one-man show.

As a Record Producer Guveau produced and mixed Stevie Ann, one of Guveau's protege's back in Holland. The album "Away from Here" won the Dutch Mercury Award called the Silver Harp, which sold over 66.000 copies in the Netherlands.

Arno's American influenced Country/Folk/Rock style acclaimed success, which resulted in producing artists like Manfred Mann, Bob Weston (ex Fleetwood Mac), and Louise Latham, with who he recorded her first EP in 2005.

In 2020, Guveau expanded his creativity into the visual arts turning his photographs into interesting pieces of Resin Art with a very distinctive style. He creates these “Art Guveau” pieces from Drawings and Mixed Media. Guveau has exhibited in Galleries in Roermond, Maastricht, Brussels, London and Los Angeles. Click here to view art.






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