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Biography of Art Guveau

Art Guveau & Gangway 1.jpg

At age 14

De Sjut van Boaksum.jpg

At age 9

Vertical stippel

Art Guveau, born Arno Guveau in 1966, started drumming when he was seven years old, joining a marching band in a small village near Roermond,

Holland. He got his first drum set at 9 and was completely hooked

on rhythm - practicing many hours a day. It didn’t take long before a

teen band heard about Art’s rhythmic passions and raw talent and

asked him to join the band. At eleven he was doing gigs at

high school parties all over the region.

                                                   At 14 he joined Gangway, a regional

                                                   reggae/ska band with their own

                                                   original compositions. At age 21 Art Guveau came of

                                                   age and was drumming professionally: touring with blues                                                             legends Little Tony and Greyhound Levi and performing with

                                                   other greats like Champion Jack Dupree, Luther Johnson, 

                                                   Louisiana Red and Arthur Conley of Sweet Soul Music.

During this period Guveau was also a member of the hospital big band St. Laurentius in Roermond. In 1992 Art and his new band Colorful People coveted NCRV's Pop -  slag Prize of the year, also scoring a record deal and a getting a lot of national airplay.

Off-stage, after graduating as teacher/conductor at the Kreato Music College, he was offered a position teaching, helping others hone their own drumming talents.

That year also saw the release of the acclaimed “Dreamstealers”

album. By now Guveau was also an accomplished record producer

and in 2005 he mixed and produced the “Away from Here” album

for his protegé Stevie Ann which went on to win the Silver Harp

(Dutch Mercury Award) and sold almost seventy thousand copies

in the Netherlands in that same year which earned him his first

golden record. Art’s acclaimed style, deeply rooted American

Country, Folk and Rock, was key to producing artists like Manfred

Mann, BobWeston and Louise Latham. Whilst in London, Art

collaborated extensively with well-known producer Steve Honest (Ry Cooder, Dave Stewart, Culture Club) and became the regular session drummer and producer at Steve's Recording Studio in Camden.

The Dreamstealers 2008

TDS Mexico.jpg

With Little Tony, age 23

Little Tony Band 1988.jpg

 In 2003 London called and Art explored the London Underground busking scene. This is where Art evolved his own playing style as a solo musician and put on a Brazilian Percussion one-man show. During this time he was also songwriting for and performing with several bands including Into Seven, Chill Out and the Dreamstealers. It was with the Dreamstealers that Art gained international acclaim when performing at the famous Ollin Kan/Mundial Festival in Mexico City in 2008. 

Arno -Manfred2.JPG

Producing Manfred Mann

In 2012 Art expanded his creativity into the visual arts

turning his photographs into arresting pieces of art

with a very distinctive style.He creates these “Art

Guveau” pieces from photographs of subjects and

locations that resonate deeply with him.

Since 2012 Guveau has exhibited in Galleries in Roermond, Maastricht, Brussels, London and Los Angeles. Click here to view art.


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