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Drummer     Producer      Composer      Educator

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Art Guveau Online School!

Tune up your playing with Art's approach to ergonomics,

soloing, drum tuning, rudiments, technique and musicality. Click a button on the right and get started!

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Play Along Products

Art offers self composed play-along products. They give drummers (and other musicians) the opportunity to practice to (and record their own versions of) Art's tunes. 

Existing products include:

Singles You Can Purchase: Art has a number of individual tunes that are part of play along packages. The packages, which sell for just €4.99, can be downloaded in Art's store. They include the tune, and play along mixes without drums and with click track). Click here to see them!


Drum Books and Scores
Tap Drumming part one. Go here to purchase books in the store!

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Art Guveau Rudiment YouTube
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Play Along

Art Guveau Drum Play Along Tapes
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Drum Scores

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Drum Books

Play Along tracks

Art Composed 5 tracks, especially for his clinic performances. These compositions are now available as play along tracks, provided with drumless music, including click track. By clicking on the transport bar you will hear all 5 tracks

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Educational Products and Opportunities

The Art Guveau Online School! Click here for updated rates

The Art Guveau Online School includes lessons on hand and foot technique,

ergonomic drum setup, tuning, rudiments, soloing and exclusive play alongs.
Drummers: click here to learn more and subscribe!

Private Online Lessons Using Zoom Click here for updated rates

Art Guveau is offering private online lessons using Zoom! This is a unique

opportunity to work one-on-one with Art as your private teacher. Art’s feedback

and guidance will be priceless no matter what your goals may be.

As you might expect, Art offers a top-level experience, with a multi-camera

setup and fully-mixed studio sound. When he demonstrates something,

you’ll be able to see it from his left side, his right side, and directly overhead.

He can insert a foot cam on any shot.

Click here to learn more and sign up!


Rudiment Exercises

In these 3 videos, Art tells you how to improve your speed, stick control and your independence. Download the FREE scores associated with these three rudiment instruction videos

Download here free scores!


Drum Books

Art's book Tap Drumming is in the making and will be available from September 2021. From then on, the book as well as other Guveau products will be available in the webshop on this website